Sail Core Features

Everything you need to manage a modern WordPress application

Provision servers

Provision a WordPress server in less than two minutes, on your own cloud account with full root access.

Deploy & rollback

Deploy your project to production in seconds. Rollback even quicker. Simple integration with Git.

Backup & restore

Download a full backup all your files and database in a single command. Quickly restore when needed.

Add custom domains

Add custom domains and DNS records to your servers, with free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.

Performance profiling

Integrated performance profiling right in the terminal to help quickly solve speed and memory problems.

At no additional cost

Sail is free. You're only paying your cloud provider resources usage, from as low as $5 per month.

Getting started

To install Sail on Linux, MacOS and Windows, run the following command in your Terminal:

$ curl -sSLf | bash
$ sail --version

You will need a DigitalOcean account to work with Sail. If you don't have one yet you can sign up for free here. Create a personal read/write access token at DigitalOcean (Control Panel → API → Tokens/Keys), and use it with sail init to launch your first project:

$ mkdir project && cd project
$ sail init --provider-token=YOUR_TOKEN_HERE --email=ADMIN_EMAIL

Provisioning can take a few minutes to complete. When it's done, you'll have a complete working copy of your WordPress application locally. Feel free to make any changes to your WordPress files, and then sail deploy them to production:

$ sail deploy
# Deploying to production
- Preparing release directory
- Uploading application files to production
- Deploying release: 1636553175
- Updating symlinks
- Reloading services
- Successfully deployed 1636553175

Here are some fun things you can do next:

$ sail profile # run the built-in performance profiler
$ sail admin # open your browser to wp-login.php
$ sail ssh # open an SSH shell to your production server
$ sail db cli # open a MySQL shell to your production database
$ sail wp user list # interact with WP-CLI on your production server

For a full list of commands and features, head over to the documentation.

Domains & DNS

By default Sail will provision your site with a subdomain, however, you can easily add your own custom domains, and request Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. To update your WordPress home/siteurl options, use make-primary.

$ sail domain add # add domains and DNS records
$ sail domain make-https # get free SSL certificates
$ sail domain make-primary # change your primary domain

Backup & restore

You can use Sail to backup your WordPress site locally. All backups are stored in a hidden .backups directory, make sure you exclude this from any SCM, such as Git.

$ sail backup
# Creating a new backup
- Archiving backup files
- Backup completed at .backups/2021-08-10-230102.tar.gz

Restore an existing local backup with sail restore. Note that this operation will overwrite your working copy files, as well as production files and database.

$ sail restore .backups/2021-08-10-230102.tar.gz
# Restoring .backups/2021-08-10-230102.tar.gz
- Extracting files to working copy
- Copying working copy to production
- Importing wp-content/uploads to production
- Importing database to production
- Restore successful

For a full list of commands and features, head over to the documentation.

License & Contributing

The Sail CLI client is free and open source, written in Python and distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. Feel free to contribute by opening an issue or pull request on our GitHub project.

The API server is proprietary and runs on the domain. The API is used to manage internal domains, usage statistics and more.

Homebrew is natively supported in Linux and MacOS. Windows users should install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) before installing Homebrew and Sail.

For other installation options, check out the documentation.

Forever free.

Sail is free to use and we're committed to keeping it that way. You'll still need to pay your DigitalOcean bills based on the cloud resources you consume.


All core features to provision, deploy and manage your WordPress site and domains in the DigitalOcean cloud:

  • Provisioning & scaling
  • Full root access to provisioned servers
  • Atomic deploys & rollbacks
  • Custom domains with Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Local backups and restores
  • Community support
  • No lock-in, leave any time


Additional premium features and support available for a small monthly fee.

  • Staging environments
  • Advanced caching modules
  • Advanced backups & security
  • Profiling & optimization tools
  • and more...
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