Sail Core Features

Everything you need to manage a modern WordPress application

Provision servers

Provision a WordPress server in less than two minutes, on your own cloud account with full root access.

Deploy & rollback

Deploy your project to production in seconds. Rollback even quicker. Simple integration with Git.

Backup & restore

Download a full backup all your files and database in a single command. Quickly restore when needed.

Add custom domains

Add custom domains and DNS records to your servers, with free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.

Performance profiling

Integrated performance profiling right in the terminal to help quickly solve speed and memory problems.

At no additional cost

Sail is free. You're only paying your cloud provider resources usage, from as low as $5 per month.

Launch a WordPress server in minutes.

Install Sail CLI on Linux, macOS or Windows, set your DigitalOcean API token and e-mail address, launch your WordPress server:

curl -sSLf | bash

sail config provider-token YOUR_API_TOKEN
sail config email ADMIN_EMAIL
sail init

Not a CLI fan? No worries, we've got an easy to use web-based management UI too.

Easily add domains and SSL certificates.

Sail will request and install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Changing your primary domain in WordPress has never been easier:

sail domain add
sail domain make-https
sail domain make-primary

Quick and efficient full site backups.

Create and restore full site and database backups with simple commands:

sail backup create
sail backup restore path/to/archive.tar.gz

Daily remote backups with 60-day retention available with a premium subscription.

The best of both worlds.

With over 60 features and commands, Sail combines the power and simplicity of managed WordPress hosting platforms, with the freedom and flexibility of self-hosted WordPress.

Explore CLI Docs Launch Web UI

Forever free.

Sail is free to use and we're committed to keeping it that way. You'll still need to pay your DigitalOcean bills based on the cloud resources you consume.


All core features to provision, deploy and manage your WordPress site and domains in the DigitalOcean cloud.

  • Command-line or web interface
  • Unlimited servers and sites
  • Unlimited domains and free SSL
  • Local app and database backups
  • Atomic deployments
  • Performance profiling
  • Community support
  • Full root access


Additional premium features and support available for a small monthly fee.

  • 60-day remote backups
  • Image optimization & WebP
  • Uptime and health monitoring
  • Premium support