Sail Manifesto

Sail Manifesto

Last updated: January 12, 2022

Democratize WordPress Hosting

We are on a mission to change the way users host their WordPress sites. We believe hosting should be more affordable, transparent and portable. WordPress users should own and control their entire application, not just their site content.


Hosting 5 websites with a combined 300k monthly visits and 40 GB of uploads costs $175 per month on average with today's leading WordPress hosting providers. With Sail on DigitalOcean you could be paying only $9 per month.

  • Users should never have to pay for monthly visits or number of WordPress installs.
  • They should never be forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan if they simply need more storage.
  • Users should not have to pay extra for every domain or subdomain they wish to use with their sites.
  • Users should not be forced onto more expensive plans if they'd like to use Multisite.


While many providers in the WordPress space today use and contribute to open source technology, huge parts of their systems remain proprietary and/or behind closed doors. Users have very little control over the environment of their applications.

  • Users should never be limited in what plugins they can or can not use with their sites
  • Services should be provisioned with sane and secure defaults, but users should be allowed to use any PHP functions and configurations they need
  • Users should not be forced to use proprietary caching, security, backups and monitoring solutions


Migrating from one hosting provider to another is a lengthy and painful process, often resulting in site downtime or service disruption and a whole lot of frustration.

  • Users should be able to run their application in the same environment with any cloud provider or on-premise infrastructure
  • Users should never be locked into any specific service provider, including CDN, caching/reverse-proxy, backups or DNS
  • Support and maintenance services should be available to users, regardless of where their applications are hosted

If you are frustrated with today's state of the WordPress hosting industry, if the above goals resonate with you, if you'd like to help make WordPress hosting more affordable, transparent and portable, send us a note to