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How to provision a new WordPress project with Sail

With Sail you can provision a new DigitalOcean server for your WordPress application in a single command.

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Before provisioning a new server, make sure you've installed Sail and created a DigitalOcean API token to use with Sail.

Sail init

To provision a new WordPress project with Sail, we recommend creating a new empty directory, and running:

sail init

This will initialize your project, provision all necessary services at your cloud provider, download and install a fresh WordPress application. Provisioning usually takes less than two minutes.

If you haven't saved your provider token and admin e-mail address to your user configuration, sail init will prompt for these. You can specify them on the command line during init, like this:

sail init --provider-token=YOUR_TOKEN --email=ADMIN_EMAIL

Or you can save them to a default user configuration, which will be used for every new Sail project you create, unless explicit values are provided on the command line:

sail config provider-token YOUR_TOKEN
sail config email ADMIN_EMAIL

These default configuration values can be deleted at any time with:

sail config provider-token --delete
sail config email --delete