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Selecting a Droplet Size and Region with Sail CLI

In this article you will learn about Droplet sizes and regions, and how to configure them with sail init.

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List Droplet sizes

To get a list of available Droplet sizes at DigitalOcean, run the following command:

sail sizes

This will display all available sizes, their description and pricing in a table, from the cheaper ones, to the more expensive ones. When deciding on the size, please note that scaling a Droplet up is really easy. Scaling down is slightly trickier.

Listing available regions

To get a list of available regions, run:

sail regions

This command will display a table with regions available for deployment.

Providing size and region during init

When initializing a new Sail CLI project, use the --size and --region flags to select the size and region respectively. For example, to initialize a dual-core 4G AMD server in the San Francisco region, run:

sail init --size=s-2vcpu-4gb-amd --region=sfo2

If you have any questions or require assistance, please refer to our getting help section.