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Uninstalling Sail CLI

This guide will cover removing the Sail CLI software, project and user configuration files from your system.

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Removing project configuration (optional)

For every project where you ran sail init, you will see a .sail hidden directory. This will contain Sail CLI configuration as well as the root SSH key used to access your server.

Prior to removing this directory, make sure you saved the SSH key to another location. You will not be able to access your project server without this key.

cd /path/to/project
rm -rf .sail

Deleting user configuration

User config contains the default provider token, e-mail address and other information associated with your Sail CLI configuration. This information is stored in the home directory under .sail-default.json. It can be removed with:

rm ~/.sail-defaults.json

Uninstalling Sail

If you installed with the official installer, as root:

rm -rf /opt/sail
rm /usr/local/bin/sail

If you installed with Homebrew:

brew uninstall sail

With PyPI (global):

pip3 uninstall

With PyPI (virtual environment):

.env/bin/pip uninstall # for venv
rm /usr/local/bin/sail

From source:

rm -rf /path/to/sail
rm /usr/local/bin/sail