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Keeping Your Local Working Copy in Sync with Production using Sail CLI

In this article you will learn how to use the sail download command to keep your local copy in sync with production.

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Sail download

Sometimes files will change in production, and not only when you add a new image to your media library, but also during a plugin installation, a WordPress core update and other things.

The download command allows you to pull changes back from your production server to your local working copy:

sail download

By default only application files will be downloaded. If you wish to download all your media uploads as well, use the --with-uploads flag.

If you're not sure about the state of your production server or the local working copy, you can use the --dry-run flag to skip downloading any files, and only list which files have been changed, added or deleted in production.

It is recommended to use the download command after a successful rollback, or backup restore too, among other things that change files on your production server.

If you're having trouble with your local working copy, backups or restores, please refer to the getting help section.