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How to Undo or Rollback Changes in Your WordPress Application with Sail

In this article you will learn about the sail rollback command, which allows you to quickly undo any changes made by a deploy.

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Undoing a deployment

When using the deploy command, Sail creates a new release directory for each deployment and by default keeps up to five releases in total. This allows you to quickly roll back to a previous release using:

sail rollback <release>

To get a list of available releases, run:

sail rollback

Note that your local working copy may be out of sync with production after a successful rollback. You can use the dowload command to make sure it's up to date.

Change the number of releases to keep

The default number of releases to keep is 5, but can be configured down to 2 or up to 30 using the keep configuration variable:

sail config keep 10

If you have any questions or feedback about deploying with Sail CLI, check out the getting help section.