Sail Knowledgebase

Sail CLI Command Reference

This is a list of all commands available in Sail CLI for WordPress.

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Global Options

  • -v, --version — Show the version and exit.
  • -d, --debug — Enable verbose debug logging
  • --help — Show help message and exit.


  • sail admin — Open your default web browser to the wp-login.php location
  • sail backup — Backup your production files and database to your local .backups directory #
  • sail blueprint — Run a blueprint file against your application
  • sail config — Set reusable config variables
  • sail cron — Add, delete, view and execute system cron jobs #
  • sail db — Import and export MySQL databases, or spawn an interactive shell #
  • sail deploy — Deploy your working copy to production. #
  • sail destroy — Shutdown and destroy the production droplet #
  • sail diff — Compare the local working copy to production and list file changes
  • sail domain — Add, remove and update domains associated with your site #
  • sail download — Download files from production to your working copy
  • sail info — Show current sail information
  • sail init — Initialize and provision a new project #
  • sail logs — Query and follow logs from the production server
  • sail profile — Run the profiler to find application performance bottlenecks #
  • sail regions — Get available deployment regions
  • sail restore — Restore your application files, uploads and database from a backup file
  • sail rollback — Rollback production to a previous release
  • sail sizes — Get available droplet sizes
  • sail ssh — Open an SSH shell, manage SSH keys and more #
  • sail wp — Run a WP-CLI command on the production host